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Just a place where I post all my art, mostly fanart.

I sold my soul to Fire Emblem: Awakening and am now compelled to post fanart for it until the end of time.

Feel free to use my art for things like icons and themes, but please credit me if you do so.

Don’t worry Gaius, I’ll make sure you get to section on time!

drawn for the “school AU” prompt for FE_69min a couple days ago. university AU! i liked the idea enough that i went back and refined the drawing a bit.

Sumia is a bit clumsy on her feet, but she can really tear up the bike lane 

Anonymous said: Just curious, who's your favourite of the kids?

this nerd

(though if I’m honest, I like pretty much all the kids haha)

something quick

also smh at anyone who thinks Chrom would be disappointed/upset at not getting into smash bros. you know he would be the most embarrassingly enthusiastic dad about Lucina